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Many times, entrepreneurs and bloggers tend to dive into social media without a plan. Their posts are not strategized. They post whatever comes to their mind at the most random times and just leave it there. Yup, I was there once. Posting inconsistently, selling selling, selling while not building a connection with my audience. Those days are over.

Remember, to be a successful social media marketer and have a good strategy, we just can’t go with the flow. We need to plan, strategize, schedule, interact, and so on.

In this article, we are going to talk about the type of content you should post on social media platforms. This implies knowing what is appropriate to put up where. Just like two people would do the same task differently, different social media platforms work differently. Each platform has its own pros and cons, and it is important to know every detail.

Behind-the-Scenes Images

Of course, we all love to see what happens behind-the-scenes. Well, so do our audiences. People love to watch what you are up to, how do you finish things up, the way you work, etc. In simpler words, we all love transparency, and that is what ‘behind-the-scenes’ images cater to.

With images like these, you build customers’ trust by clearly showing what they can’t generally see. They get to know you better and tend to become more loyal to your brand.


Whether it is a motivation quote, a general saying about something, or just a celeb’s words on an idea or product that you are presenting, your audiences will never NOT like reading a quote.

Take a quote and add a good font style, color, and other relevant graphics to it to post on your Facebook page. You can further add an interesting caption or an explanation to the same.


Asking questions through statuses or even true and false opinions will do really well in getting the customers engaged on Facebook. These posts literally beg for the customers to participate and engage. They also play a good role in surveying the customers and identifying their needs.

The questions you can normally ask include:

•             Would you buy a workbook about ______?

•             Would you outsource tasks or would you DIY them?

•             What is the niche of your blog ?

Blog Posts

Yes, this one is obvious, but it can’t not be a part of this list. Of course, that is what bloggers actually do; they promote their own content on Facebook pages.

It is safe, in fact, good to post blogs on your Facebook page, but don’t fail to remember that social media is much more than simply promoting yourself. Try to make it more for the customers than your own marketing.


If you are opting for rebranding or are about to announce a big launch or exciting news, your Facebook Page is undoubtedly the best place to do so. Ensure using a catchy image and include a landing link so that your customers have nice things to entertain themselves with. If they are engaged, they will stay on the page longer.


Videos are your Facebook goldmine. Factually speaking, the Facebook management itself predicts that most of the platform will be all about video in the next 5 years. So, this is an important takeaway for you, and you must focus on creating and posting better videos every day.

Create videos related to your team or discussing something informative. Make them creative and fun to watch. Posting video is my weakness but in 2019 this will be a thing in the past.

Branded Graphics

You can create and share different types of graphics on social media. Quotes from renowned, trusted people/sources, informative tidbits, stats and facts, etc., tend to build interest and engage the audiences. They can additionally cover those statistical aspects of the business that you can’t tell the customers about otherwise or in any other way. Ensure you include nice details to make the otherwise boring data look interesting.


Again, one of the best platforms you can announce contests on is Facebook. But the platform’s management is very particular about the rules and regulations, so ensure doing proper research when promoting such things. Promote using Facebook Ads and add a particular tab for these contest on your page for audiences to find them easily.

Industry News

Content marketing and social media platforms are nothing but a way for you try to market yourself as an expert in the industry. One way you can do this is by sharing relevant industry news. Nobody cares if you are or aren’t the first person sharing the news on Facebook; you can always be that first one to some.


You can add polls to your social media pages. This is an easy and fun way to have your customers connect with you by answering relevant industry questions or opinions about certain trends or products.


While all social media platforms can play a prominent role in helping you market your products and services, visual platforms like Instagram can do it better than the rest. Show off your products in the images and use user-generated content to share things on your Instagram page.


Since infographics are really long, they work the best when posted on Pinterest. If you like infographics and dream of using them in your posts, do it on Pinterest to make the most of it.

Kristin Dain