Camera Gear for Family Photography

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Photographer Social Media Content Calendar available! Click the photo above!

Photographer Social Media Content Calendar available! Click the photo above!

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I finally thought of writing out what I am often asked about, i.e., the details of the camera gear I use.

Regardless of the type of shoot you do, you can’t go without essential photography tools. You need to have your hands on good software to get/deliver the best. So, to all those wondering what I use, here is a fun sneak-peek of what I carry along and what is used on-screen to get the best results. Starting from the camera and camera lenses, here’s what I prefer.

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If it is safe to take the expensive gear out, I carry my beloved Nikon D750 to the shoots. The term ‘safe’ implies ideal weather and geographic conditions here. This is the camera I can’t imagine living without; it’s unmatchable!

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On rainy/stormy days, and vacations, it is my Nikon D3200 that accompanies me. It’s inexpensive but a reasonably good one! Checkout this amazing bundle deal with the Nikon D3400, which is also a great started camera!

Coming to the lenses, there are three types that work best for me. The first one is Tamron 24-70mm 2.8 lens. I use this one more than the other two. I use it so much that it is with me 99% of the time. The best feature about this one is the versatility. This lens can get you amazing pictures even if it is a low light situation; in fact, it works even better in low light. It offers optimal zoom and a wider angle for tough spots. This lens is a MUST HAVE when photographing active children.

The second one is the Nikon 50mm 1.8 lens— the lens that I first began to photograph with. This one is probably the best choice when it comes to learning to shoot in a manual mode. 

This last one, Nikon Micro 105mm f/2.8 lens, is my favorite. It enables me to create different angles and produce stunning portraits; it gives me ample space to be creative. 

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ASUS Computers

Among other gear that I use, I seek opportunities to use strobe lightning as much as I can. It tends to make images sharper and more beautiful. I utilize Blank Triggers. ASUS Computers are great Windows computer to edit with and Apple Computers is the photography industry computer of choice.

While I don’t use it often, Nikon SB-700 speed light, having this in your camera bag is great in low light situations.

Precisely, all that I carry in my bag includes what you will see in the Amazon Camera Backpack. I DO NOT recommend a shoulder bag, buy a backpack! <3

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If you want to know what is on my To-Buy list; it is a light meter. The meter allows you to check camera light easily. If you tend to work in low light, I will suggest you buy the oh-so-amazing Sekonic LiteMaster Pro L-478D-U Light Meter.

Don’t forget to have Adobe Photoshop CS5 with Greater Than Gatsby Actions & Lightroom with Mastin Labs Presets alongside!

Kristin Dain