How to Prepare for a Vacation 

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As a rule of thumb, it is best to plan your vacation during the off season of the year. By ‘off season’, we are referring to that time of the year when there are fewer weddings to edit. This way you will have less stress of completing the piled up work and meeting the deadlines.

Suppose you have booked your vacation. How do you communicate the same to your clients?

Fret not; they do understand common human needs. They need some time off the same way you do as a small business owner. Everything will go smooth since you have planned to compensate for your absence!

Prepping First

What I do to manage my vacation is to collect dates from all my clients four times each year. This gives me insight into my work schedule throughout the year.

After I know the dates, I plan accordingly. If an event is falling amid my vacation period, I arrange for someone to cover the event on my behalf if the photographer does not want  to wait for the wedding to be edited till I get back from vacation . This is highly recommended for all such businesses, including yours, don’t take your computer on vacation with you.

As soon as you get the vacation dates confirmed, let your clients know. Ensure that you are giving them adequate notice and let them know about all the details. If they stick to you and you arrange for a substitute on your behalf, tell them about the person you are sending. I also give them the option for me to edit the catalog when I return from vacation. Let them know about the turnaround time for their catalog if they choose to use the alternate editor or if they choose to wait till your back from vacation. Send them a reminder two weeks before you take off including all the details.

This may seem like a lot of extra work as you prepare for your vacation, but it is going to be worth it. The clients will not despise you for leaving, and you will leave a good impression by notifying them beforehand and being concerned. If they need the catalog urgently after the event, ask them if you can pass them on to the other editor which is filling in for you.

Create an Email Auto Responder

Set an email auto-responder message a week before you leave. The auto-responder will send automatic replies to everyone emailing you and let them know you are out of town. This will ensure no client or prospect feels less important or undervalued. Don’t forget to mention the date you will be back!

Prepare Yourself to Work A Little Harder Later

This one is a bit difficult, but you must prepare yourself to be a little overburdened when you return from vacation. Naturally, you will have a lot of things pending because of being away from work. Prepare yourself and plan how you will catch up on things upon returning. Take one task at a time and finish your work as soon as you can.

Don’t Let the Workload Scare You from Taking a Break

Don’t allow workload deter you from going on a well-deserved vacation. Life happens to everyone, and you do need to manage other things to make the most of yours.

To get something, you must lose something else, and in this case, it is some time off from work against a few days of extra input when you return. This is not something you can’t manage a couple times a year, especially if it is for something as thrilling as escaping your routine life and work for a while.

Good luck!

Kristin Dain