Toy Rotation in the Dain House

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Toy Rotation. Have you heard of this term before? If yes, how important do you think this is? Does rotating toys in the home benefit children? Here we will discuss it all.

Before I begin though, let me assure you that whatever ideas I present here, be it toy rotation activity, toy-management strategy, or all-purpose parenting ideas, are simple and easy to follow. But how may I assure that? Well, I spend every single day of mine with a toddler boy who is exceptionally active and always on the go. Sometimes you do feel the need to have your survival mode turned on to deal with the beautifully chaotic surroundings, but it is all worth it.

With a kid at home, you are always worried about organizing their toys properly. With just a few shelves and cube bins, mommies must give a thought to toy management without going to the extreme. Checkout how I organize my sons toys in his room below!

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If you LOVE the items you see above and want to buy them, clink the links below <3

Below is a photo of the one bin we keep downstairs in the living room. We limit the number of toys allowed in the living room to keep the mess manageable.

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Toy rotation refers to altering the range of available toys and storing the rest away from the kid’s sight. The technique works great when used once a week or on a fortnightly basis. We had enough closet space, which mommy filled up with our toys over the weekends while daddy took us out.

Toys that Gavin doesn’t play with are placed into a large plastic bin bought from Wal-Mart. I let the toys stay in there for a month and when he gets bored with the toys available, I shuffle/rotate. Some moms use multiple bins and rotate them weekly or every few days, but that was not something I could keep up with.

Try the toy rotation technique by rotating the toys once a month and see how it works for you. You will definitely thank me for the reduced mess!

Kristin Dain