How I Schedule My Week as a Work-from-Home Mom

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If you are a mom who is struggling to manage home, work, and kids, you don’t need to worry anymore. Here’s how I schedule my week, and you can do the same!

We will start by dividing the week (working days) into two parts; Monday and Wednesday as part one and Tuesday, Thursday, Friday as part two.

Part One: Monday and Wednesday

Working for about 5 to 6 hours on these days, I start the day by feeding my son and getting him ready for school. His schooling sessions run for 3.5 hours and the school is just up the street.

Just after picking him up after his school finishes, I make Gavin lunch and we chat about school and we work on a couple flash cards while eating. Then he goes to his room for quite time and a nap. I allow him to watch educational shows like ‘Super Why’, which is the reason my son Gavin has learned the alphabets at the age of two. I allow him to watch Netflix shows that times out after an hour of being on. After the hour is over, Gavin sleeps. During this time I work, no exceptions!!

Once he is up, he gets his usual snacks, and then we engage in activities like coloring, sorting, or doing the puzzles. At 5, we make our way to the gym where I work out and he plays with his friends in the kids club.

We eat dinner after the gym and go for a walk. Finally, we take a good bath upon returning and jump into bed.

Part Two: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

On the above-given days, I work for 2 to 4 hours. On Tuesdays, I always have an activity planned for him after breakfast. Usually, I take him to the learning center to play and learn in group activities.

On Thursdays and Fridays, I plan play dates with friends after breakfast. We go to the gym on two of these three days. I plan our appointments on these days also.

Moms in the WAHM (Work-at-Home Mom) category can safely call themselves “solopreneurs,” “mompreneurs”, “entrepreneurs,” or any other fancy name. You may even have a more traditional job like an accountant or virtual assistant, but when you work from home, you do have the opportunity to plan your week and work schedule.

As for me, because of the flexible nature of my work, the desire to spend time with my little ones, and the expense associated with their upbringing, I pushed myself to become a WAHM. I am not the only WAHM out there; I have seen hundreds of women yearning to become a WAHM or have already become one.

It has been 2016 years since I started to work between naps and in the evenings. I even have to work late hours sometimes. This is typically between 9 to 12pm. It is not easy or glamorous, and you will need a lot of coffee to survive, especially to wake up early in the morning when your kid is up.

But I did it! I survived doing this even when my husband was posted in South Korea for a year or when he was gone for 4 months leaving the day after we got home from the hospital having our son. After 2+ years of hard work, I finally enrolled my son into school 2 days a week. It is the best $250 that I have ever spent.

In case you can’t afford to send your kid to the learning center, I suggest you get to know another WAHM. Meet up for play dates and get to know this person deeply. Get friendly enough so that you can look after each other’s kids. I would suggest alternating watching each others kids.

When Your Spouse or Partner Is Home

When your spouse is at home, you can manage things better. In our case, my hubby and I invest equal time to look over Gavin. This is done to ensure I can do my work without sacrificing sleep working till the early morning hours.  For us, we consider this a provisional sacrifice before our kids finally get into schooling.

We refuse to have our children spend a lot of time in front of the screens (Mobile, television, or computer) just because I need to work. As an editor, I have been really blessed to find stable photography studios to work for and have the opportunity to plan work ahead. These days I receive between 3-7 inquiries in a week and although it would be nice to take on a full load but the guilt of not being able to be the best mom I can be will keep me up at night and bug me so therefore I am very strategic on what photography studio is best to work with. So, maintain a balance and ensure you take care of both things together, EQUALLY.

On days when I HAVE to work while Gavin is not asleep, here is what I do.

·         Turning on the music and arranging a dance party for him. Kids love music, and they love to dance too. This is what I benefit from the most!

·         Engage him in something very simple but creative like coloring activities. In my case, It’s Gavin sitting on his high chair with crayons and paper, right next to me.

·         If the toys work for your kid, why not? See what they love and provide if you can.

·         Make the kids use up all their energy before you sit down to work.

·         Easy meals on your work days are highly recommended. Prepare crock pot meals or one pot dinners.

It’s extremely rare that I work while he is awake. I do my best to wake up early or stay up late in the evening to get the extra work done. I’ve has those days when I was super desperate and totally let Gavin watch a couple movies in one day and It’s okay if you do so but never make this a daily habit.  This probably happens at most maybe 5 times in a year for me because I’ve learned the consequences of taking on too much work.

Managing my life as a WAHM has taught me that ‘Getting things done is sometimes better than doing things perfectly’. I have learnt to be swift, be more focused, and make the most of the time I have while he is asleep.

This time is indeed temporary, so make the most of it. Your kids will grow up soon and will remain out (in the school, etc.) most of the day. Enjoy every moment. Learn and let them learn while there is still some time left.

We, as WAHMs, are really blessed to be able to make an income while getting to spend more time with the babies. Change is good and is a part of life. Don’t be unfair to anyone including yourself, your spouse, the child, or the work. 

Ask your husband to help and share the responsibilities equally. From laundry to grocery, you two can manage everything TOGETHER while working and watching over the kids!

Kristin Dain