Myths about Outsourcing Your Photo Editing

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Looking to outsource the editing part of your business this year?

The year 2018 is about to end, and it’s unbelievable how fast it flew by. I mean seriously, where did the whole year go? With financial statements being closed, it is also time for photographers to review their business and make a decision regarding outsourcing. Outsourcing is a great option that benefits businesses today, including the photographers. If you don’t believe me, you might be surprised at what the clients have to say!

Being a private photo editor myself, it is my ultimate goal to help fellow photographers rule out the worries and enable them to spend time on productive things and with their family and friends. I can’t put into words the happiness I feel when I get emails from my clients (photographers) who write to me about their lives being transformed in a good way by hiring me.

Helping others is what makes my job fulfilling. Nonetheless, every now and then, I see photographers trying to forcefully keep themselves from outsourcing their editing. They often postpone it, too. But why wait and waste more time when you can render the job in the hands of those who have mastered doing it? Why would you wait before you can get rid of the worries that are not even your specialty? Don’t you want to spend some ‘me’ time?

That said, today we will discuss 5 myths that photographers believe when it comes to outsourcing their editing. Have a look!

The Work Is Not Mine Anymore

I fully understand you do feel like the work is not yours anymore when it is edited by someone else. Surrendering to the editors is not an easy task, but it is totally worth it. You put a lot of effort when you are taking pictures, and you always try to create your own individual style. This makes it hard for you to find someone who will understand the way you do things. But it is POSSIBLE, I promise!

While you might not agree with me, the idea that the work will no longer be yours is totally wrong. An editor’s job is to only apply the presets you use to the images that your produce and make tweaks. Yes, we do sometimes have to balance out things and change them a bit, but the images will always be your very own.

I Have to Commit to Outsourcing Everything

Again, a mere fallacy! Private photo editors will work with you even if you send a quarter of the total weddings you do. But it is your duty to tell them beforehand if you are going to do it this way. Tell them upfront that they won’t be getting work from you every time you do it. If you plan to increase the load, communicate that in advance too. Ensure good communication to get the best results, and maintain a healthy relationship with your editor.

I’ll Never Find the Perfect Editor

Just like there is a perfect person for everyone, there is a perfect photo editor for every photographer, too. Joking apart, it is hard to believe someone when we have had a bad past experience, but that’s not something that should stop you from availing this opportunity.

People with bad experiences are who I often come across. They are scared at first, but the key is to know who you should outsource your work to. I ensure that my clients are confident by giving them reassurance that this is going to be a wonderful venture. This is usually when someone is switching from a big box editing company to a private photo editor.

It will take you some hard work and good research to find the perfect match, but you shouldn’t give up. See who seems better for you and give them a try. Don’t be afraid to give it multiple tries before you finally find the perfect editor.

Needing Help Implies I Am Failing at My Business

Please don’t fall into believing this; it is the worst feeling a photographer can go through. Stop right here! Think of it as ‘thriving’ than ‘failing’. Outsourcing totally doesn’t mean you are failing; instead, it means you are smart enough to do and focus on what you are good at doing. It means you do know your time is precious and you are finding ways to save it. It means you are actually concerned about growing the business by spending less time in front of the screen and more behind the lens. Photographers wear many hats and it is smart to put one or two on someone else’s head. Even the biggest today outsource their work; I mean I do work for someone who had 50K likes on Instagram so its okay to outsource your work!! <3

One of the biggest myths about outsourcing a job is thinking that it is the costlier option. It is not, honestly! Talking about photo editing, it is something every photographer can afford. You do include the cost of time and effort that you put into completing a job, don’t you? By outsourcing your editing, you can actually improve your profits. You get to cover more events and do more of what actually is the source of income for you, which is photographing clients! It is far better to pay an editor than to invest lots of unproductive time, effort, and costs into editing. And think of all the missed opportunities you can now benefit from.

Editors charge $0.28-$0.39 per image. This implies that you will spend about $100 to $350 to get a catalog edited completely, which is not too much to be added to a wedding package. My Portrait Clients spend between $75 to $150 to have sessions edited. Besides, now that you have taken editing off your plate, you can improve your overall earnings by taking on more work in your spare time. It is a win-win!

Kristin Dain